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updated 2/17/13

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All breedings are tentative until a due date is listed. The links in the table below will take you to pictures of the dam and sire, and to the individual pages for each set of kids as they are born. White background indicates somebody is available. Most buck kids from 1st fresh does will automatically be offered as wethers. Click on the year to go to the 2004 , 2005 , 2006 , 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 kidding schedule pages, which have links to pictures of all of our kids from those years.

Dam Sire Bred Due Comments does/bucks
Dragonfly MX Ariane Hallelujah 10/6/11 3/2/12 Loose Arizona linebreeding; combination of two of our best does, Ariadne (EEEE91) and Chiaroscuro (VEEE 90), both appraised 'E' in rump, among other things--triplets, 2 does and a buck. Polled doe and buck sold, horned doeling may be available pending reservation confirmation; first refusal AB. $500 $400
Dragonfly HFX Cassiopeia Ranger 10/22/11 3/17/12 Tight linebreeding on Halifax. Cassie's first udder is very very nice. Twin bucklings, both sold.Very good herd sire prospects here. $450 $300
Rosasharn SP Honey Creeper Avatar 10/31/11 3/23/12 A very exciting cross of a son of Twin Creeks' beautiful Nonpareil (LA 92 EEEE)with a daughter of Buckwheat Honey (LA 91 EEEE), a National CH (AGS, 2007) and Reserve National CH (ADGA, 2010). Twin bucks, both sold. $500 $100
Dragonfly HFX Yggdrasill (Egghead) Avatar 11/7/11 3/31/12 Okay, I just wanted to see how Halifax and Nonnie crossed. Tremendous increase in capacity for Egghead this year. Triplets, all sold. $450 $300
Dragonfly USH Althea Tuan 11/8/11 3/31/12 Triplet does, stillborn :- ( $400 TBD
Dragonfly HFX Luna Lovegood Avatar 11/10/11 4/1/12 Another Hal x Nonnie cross; quads (!), 3 does and a buckling; buckling and 1 doe sale pending, 2 does sold $400 $150
Dragonfly AP Chloris Ranger 11/9/11 4/4/12 Loose Arizona linebreeding; gorgeous single red doe, sold $400 TBD
Dragonfly RY Sagaris, sold Tuan 11/10/11 4/5/12 Outcross; triplets, 2 bucks and a doe, all sold; Sagaris is sold $400 $150
Dragonfly HFX Aurum Ranger 11/14/11 4/8/12 Tight linebreeding on Halifax; triplets, 2 bucks and a doe, all sold. $400 $300
SM3Pines JurEn's Snowbird Avatar 11/14/11 4/8/12 Loose Twink's Pixie linebreeding; Triplets, 2 does and a buck. 1 doe retained, 1 doe sale pending, 1 wether sold. $600 $100
Twin Creeks BW Nor'easter Sirius Black 11/14/11 4/9/12 Loose Twink's Pixie linebreeding. Stinkin' single buck AGAIN. Well, he is gorgeous. Sold. $600 $500
Dragonfly HFX Somali Rebel 11/14/11 4/10/12 One of my favorite Hal daughters. Wow, is she looking fantastic. Twin bucks, both sale pending. $450 $350
Dragonfly HFX Demeter Tuan 11/14/11 4/10/12 First udder looking extremely promising. Twin does, 1 sold, 1 didn't make it. $400 TBD
Dragonfly RY Topaz Ranger 11/26/11 4/16/12 Buck/doe twins; doe retained, buckling did not survive. $1200 $900
Dragonfly HFX Sorcha Rebel 11/23/11 4/17/12 Second udder showing a lot more capacity, super attachments. Quads, two bucks and 2 does. All sold,. $450 $350
Dragonfly USH Aria Rebel 11/23/11 4/18/12 Triplets, two bucks and a doe, buck sold. $400 $50
ARMCH Flat Rocks Here for the Party *D E Hallelujah 11/25/11 4/20/12 Linebreeding on Flat Rocks Flash. Enormous, gorgeous triplet bucks, one polled; all sold. $1000 $600
Dragonfly TA Callisto Poseidon 11/28/11 4/25/11 Surprise linebreeding; buck reservations closed. Callisto has an udder very much like her dam's this time around. Single buckling, sold. $550 $350
Dragonfly T Delphi, sold Ranger 12/2/11 4/26/12 Triplets, 2 bucks and a doe, all sold. Delphi has tremendous capacity for a first freshener. $400 $150
Dragonfly HFX  Nausicaa; sold High Tide 12/6/11 4/30/12 Quints (!!), 3 bucks and 2 does, all live and healthy, all sold. $300 $50
Dragonfly HFX Kyrie Hallelujah 12/8/11 5/3/12 Tight linebreeding on Halifax; twin does, one retained, one sold. $500 $400
Dragonfly DR Harlequin High Tide 12/7/11 5/4/12 Single buckling, sold. $500 $300
Dragonfly IH Peregrine Hallelujah 12/ 15/11 5/ 7/12 Twinkie linebreeding; twin does, one stillborn, one retained. $600 $450
Flat Rocks Ella Enchanted High Tide 12/18/11 5/12/12 Outcross; twin does, 1 retained, 1 sold. $450 $350
CH Dragonfly G Deirdre *D AR Hallelujah 12/19/11 5/15/12 Expect great capacity and hope for a bit more style; twin bucks, both sold. $750 $400
Fairlea Clio *D E Helios 12/19/11 5/12/12 Helios is Topaz's son by Hunk; udder breeding. Buck/doe twins, doe retained, buck sold. $500 $300
Dragonfly G Chickadee Rebel 1/3/12 5/29/12 Oh my goodness, wait until you see this udder. Buck/doe twins, doe retained, buck sold. $450 Free
Dragonfly T Sunflower; sold Poseidon 1/7/12 5/31/12 Poseidon is JoJo's son by Hunk; buck/doe twins, both sold. $300 $100
Dragonfly HFX  Abyssinian Rebel 1/11/12 6/5/12 Triplet does, one retained, 2 sold. $450 TBD
SG ARMCH Twin Creeks MB Stellaluna *D E Solaris 1/20/12 6/11/12 Stella had a really hard time near the end of her pregnancy, and although her buck/doe twins were born alive 2 days early, they were very weak and did not survive. Poor old lady. She has decided to steal Abby's kids, however, so there. $750 $600
Dragonfly B Dido Solaris 1/16/12 6/14/12 Single doe, retained. $400 TBD
Rosasharn BB Magpie Solaris TBD 6/15/12 Twin does, nearly pure Rosasharn breeding, 1 retained, 1 sold. $400 TBD
Doe-Sy-Doe SW Daffodil Ranger 1/24/12 6/16/12 Buck/doe twins, doe retained, buck sold. $500 $350
Dragonfly RY Lucy Solaris 1/27/12 6/20/12

Twin bucks, sold.

$400 $150/$100
Dragonfly IH Sweetwater 5*D AR Solaris 2/1/12 6/25/12 Linebreeding on the very potent Baywatch/Nonpareil cross. Quads, 2 bucks/2 does. Kids are stunning. Bucks sold, 1 doe retained, 1 sale pending. $600 $400
Dragonfly HFX  Ishtar Tuan 2/16/12 7/12/12 Single doe, retained $450 TBD
Dragonfly Leprechaun's Ceili Ranger 2/28/12 7/22/12 repeat of a nice breeding from 2011; buck/doe twins, doe retained, buck sold. $600 $450
Dragonfly Mantis' Cricket AI Helios 2/28/12 7/23/12 Springing udder is very exciting. Single doe, sold. $450 TBD
Flat Rocks Galena Solaris 3/6/12 7/28/12 Twin does, one sale pending, one retained. $600 $400
Buttin'Heads Too Shaise Lounge *D E Ranger TBD 7/30/12 Triplet bucks; all sale pending $550 $350
Algedi Farm SHH Apogee Ranger 3/7/12 7/30/12 Twin bucks, both sold. $450 $300
Doe-Sy-Doe's Tiger's L'ily *D Hallucination TBD 7/31/12 Pen bred. Loose line breeding on Arizona; quads, two does and two bucks...1 of each were very weak and did not survive. Doe retained, buckling sold. $750 $600
Dragonfly HFX Regret Hallucination TBD 8/2/12 Pen bred; quads, two live does and a buck, one still born doe. 1 doe retained, 1 doe sold, buck sold. $400 TBD
Dragonfly RY Jubilee Hallucination 3/13/12 8/6/12 Line breeding on Here For the Party; buck/doe twins, doe retained, buck sold. $400 $300
Dragonfly IH Electra 5/16/06 -8/9/12 Hallucination TBD 8/9/12 Loose line breeding on Arizona; twin bucks, 1 retained, 1 sold. We lost our beautiful Electra to a ruptured uterus, but not before she produced two of the most beautiful buck kids of the year. $600 $500
Dragonfly HLJ Inana Helios 3/18/12 8/10/12 Our first Hallelujah daughter to freshen so far looks very promising. Helios is a Hunk son out of Topaz, 2011 National Ch. Single doe, retained. $450 TBD
Dragonfly IH Felicity, sold Ranger TBD 8/18/12 Buck/doe twins, both sold. $300 $150
Flat Rocks Tiger's Eye Ranger TBD 8/20/12 Twin bucks, both sale pending. $600 $400
Dragonfly HFX Luna Lovegood CH Sirius Black 6/26/12 11/17/12 Loose Raising Arizona linebreeding. Two bucks and a doe, all sold $400 $350


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