Doe-Sy-Doe's Tiger's L'ily *D AR
Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L + *S E (Stonewall's Apocalypse Now ++*S x ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly *D)
Dam: MCH Stonewall's L'il Honeysuckle E 90.1 (Stonewall's Longstreet x Goodwood Penny Lane 5*D)
updated 2/1/16
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DOB 7/7/03 extended pedigree LA 2009 VEEE 88, 2010 VEEE 90

L'ily and her best friend and half sister, Honeysuckle Rose, arrived here in the fall of 2008. My most hearfelt thanks to Heather Marciello for entrusting me with two of the stars of her breeding program. L'ily has a gorgeous udder and is a proven producer of same; click here to see her daughter Doe-Sy-Doe's FS L'ily's Starlight, owned by Beulah Land Farm. I love this udder; it reminds me very much of our favorite Party, and she received E in mammary at our 2009 and 2010 LA sessions.

Show record: 1 x GCH Jr doe (David Funk, Yankee Hospitality Show A, 6/04), 1 x Best Udder in Show (Barnsatble Fair AGS show, Kris Fraley, 7/06), 1 x GCH Sr Doe (Southern ME Spring show, Lynn Benedict, 5/09), 2 x RGCH Sr Doe (May 2009, Heart of Maine, Pete Snyder, June, 2009, New Hampshire DGA)

Kidding record: (since arriving at Dragonfly Farm) 2009, quads (2 does, 2 bucks) by Ushikai; 2010, quads (3 does and a buck, see Nausicaa and Ishtar) by Halifax; 2011, triplets (2 bucks and a doe, see Leia) by Avatar

May, 2009
September, 2008
305 day test data
Age (yrs.months)
Milk, lbs
Fat, lbs
% Fat
Protein, lbs
% protein
High test day, lbs
5.9 305 705 31 4.4 29 4.1 5.0
235 686 39 5.7 26 3.8 5.1
L'ily in the ring at Nationals, July, 2011--photo courtesy of Allison of Sunset Lake Ranch
May, 2009
June, 2009
First fresh photos courtesy of Heather Marciello
Photo by Pat Karohl, July, 2005



For Sale
Junior Does2
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