Reference Goats 2: Paco's family

updated 2/6/13

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In a herd as small as mine was at the beginning, the first herd sire can have a tremendous influence on the look of the nascent herd, and this effect can persist for generations. I was very fortunate to have Stonewall's Apocalypse Now sire the first kids born here. This page is a walk through Paco's pedigree. He is not the most beautiful buck to look at, and since he is oversized he will never have a stellar show career to boast of, but he has stamped my first generation of does for anyone to see. I believe he comes by his prepotence for general appearance and dairy character honestly, as my father used to say: his pedigree is very strong. He couldn't fix every flaw in the does I started with, but he made a big first step. Once again and always, my thanks go to Judy Veale for entrusting me with Paco. Click on the photos or links in the pedigree below to go to a larger picture and description. Photo credits are under the larger photos.
Photo Pedigree for Stonewall's Apocalypse Now
Paternal Grandsire: Stonewall's Longstreet
Paternal Granddam: Goodwood Penny Lane
Maternal Granddam: Willows Avalanche
Stonewall's Raising Arizona +S
Sire: Stonewall's Longstreet (ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S x Willow Creek Confederate Rose)
Dam: Goodwood Penny Lane 5*D (Goodwood Mr. Periwinkle x Goodwood Guadalupe 4*D)

Photo Courtesy of Gail Putcher. Raising Arizona, Paco's sire, appears on many Reference Goat pages, as any web search will quickly show. He has multiple MCH offspring, and is the sire of several Top Ten Breed Award winners for milk production. I think that his pedigree is very interesting, because it brings together three of the most prominent sire lines in the breed: ARMCH Goodwood Kenya, Goodwood Zeppo, and Brush Creek Bogart. His former owner, Gail Putcher, wrote to me : "Arizona is still a "hot buck", even though he's been dead for three or four years. He threw lots of color, mostly reds and red and whites, nice long, level bodies, excellent legs and feet, excellent udders and lots of milk." His son, Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood, whose color has been nicknamed "Kingwood red", has also been very influential in the breed.

Stonewall's Lily Dale
Sire: Gay-Mor Berry's Johnny Jump Up +*S (Goodwood Lingonberry xARMCH Goodwood Trillium)
Dam: Willows Avalanche (Willows Alias x Goodwood River Avon)

I don't have much information about Paco's dam, only this picture, courtesy of Judy Veale. I have been told that she was commendable. If anyone knew her or Longstreet personally or by reputation, I would love to know anything about them.

Stonewall's Longstreet
Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S (ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree+*S x Goodwood Guadalupe 4*D)
Dam: Willows Confederate Rose (Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Pirate x Goodwood Milkweed)
Confederate Rose

Candid shots of Arizona's sire, and his paternal granddam, courtesy of Longstreet's breeder, Judy Veale. Longstreet is also the sire of MCH Stonewall's Diggory Venn, (2005 AGS National Champion Buck, and sire of my first two foundation does, Meg and Rona, and of Winterfield Rianna and Winterfield Niobe).

Asked to describe Longstreet's dam, Confederate Rose, Judy wrote: "Connie probably has the most capacious udder, in proportion to her size, in the herd. She's currently nursing her four lusty buck kids (the surviving kids of her latest set of quints) with ease. Her topline could be better, but her great strengths in width, front end, and udder size and conformation have led us to keep several bucks from her over the years, and they have proved themselves well by siring such outstanding does as Stonewall's Black Magic (1 x RGCH, 1 x BUIS), Stonewall's Serena *D 'VG' (1 x GCH, 2 x BUIS, 4 x RGCH) and Stonewall's April Fool." Black Magic ,Serena, and April were sired by Longstreet's full brother, Stonewall's Jumping Jack Flash. (A side note: I have seen Connie's registered name written both as Willows Confederate Rose and as Willow Creek Confederate Rose; I'm not sure which is correct, but Judy used the herdname Willows.)

Longstreet and Jack are members of the panoply of influential bucks sired by the redoubtable ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S, who can also be seen on many reference pages, and who was owned by Rosasharn Farm.

Goodwood Penny Lane 5*D
Sire: Goodwood Mr. Periwinkle(Goodwood Alamo Messenger +S x Goodwood Alexandra)
Dam: Goodwood Guadalupe 4*D (Willows By George x Goodwood Zippy Mariri 3*D)

Photo courtesy of Judy Veale. When I observe the name Mr. Periwinkle in a pedigree, even several generations back, I am almost always impressed with the result, and Penny was no exception. Judy said of her: "Penny is exceptionally productive in terms of both quantity and quality of kids. Her first son, Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy, has sired show winners in the Caesar's Villa herd and one of her daughters won Best Udder in competition against large-breed dairy does. Her 1996 son Stonewall's Raising Arizona sired the Grand Champion Junior Doe at the 1997 AGS National Specialty. One of Penny's 1997 sons, Stonewall's Orbison, was Junior Champion at the 1997 National Specialty. Penny has a capacious, well-attached udder with large, beautiful teats."

Penny was also the dam of Stonewall's Palliser *S 'VG', (Orbison's full brother), sire of the very beautiful ARMCH 4Fun Southern Pride 3*D 'E', as well as other successful offspring for Caesar's Villa and 4Fun Farm.

Penny died in October, 2003 at the ripe old age of 11 1/2.

Gay-Mor Berry's Johnny Jump Up +*S
Sire: Goodwood Lingonberry+S (Goodwood Lotto Money x MCH Goodwood Tahoka)
Dam: ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D (ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree+*S x Goodwood Killeen)


Photos courtesy of Gail Putcher. Lily Dale's sire appears frequently in many modern pedigrees. His breeder, Gail Putcher, said, "Johnny threw long, level, very dairy does with nice udders and good production." Johnny sired the magnificent MCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 'E' 3*D, owned by Twin Creeks, ARMCH Stonewall's Hetta Carbury 2*D, owned by 4Fun Farm, the 1997 National Grand Champion Junior buck, Stonewall's Orbison, and the 1998 National Grand Champion Junior buck, Gay-Mor's JJU Larkspur. Johnny and Orbison were also the winners of the National Sire and Son title in 1997.

Willows Avalanche
Sire: Willows Alias (Willows Amos Moses x Willows Penelope)
Dam: Goodwood River Avon (Goodwood Z Ali Babba +*S x Willows Betty White)

Photo courtesy of Judy Veale. Judy describes Avalanche this way: ""Avalanche has a truly superior udder which has held up tremendously well as would be expected from its high, wide rear attachment and smooth fore attachment.
Avalance is somewhat coarse in her body with heavy shoulders. She has produced some very lovely kids including Stonewall's Black Magic , who earned a Best Udder award as a first freshener, and 1XRGCH, 1XRBUIS Stonewall's Serena (both now reside in the Caesar's Villa herd)." Serena also earned her AR in 1998, milking 918 pounds in a 305 day lactation at 2 years of age.

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