Dragonfly Farm Breedings 2013

updated 5/29/14

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All breedings are tentative until a due date is listed. The links in the table below will take you to pictures of the dam and sire, and to the individual pages for each set of kids as they are born. White background indicates somebody is available. I am sorry, we no longer offer wethers for sale. I do not guarantee mature height on breeding bucks. Click on the year to go to the 2004 , 2005 , 2006 , 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 kidding schedule pages, which have links to pictures of all of our kids from those years.

Dam Sire Bred Due Comments does/bucks
Dragonfly AV Cirrus CH Sirius Black 8/6/12 12/29/12 Single doe, stillborn N/A N/A
Dragonfly AV Wild Ginger CH Sirius Black 9/25/12 2/17/13 Twink's Pixie and Raising Arizona linebreeding; twin does, one died shortly after birth, 1 retained. $400 N/A
Dragonfly HLU Minerva Ranger 9/26/12 2/20/13 Linebreeding on Halifax; our first Hallucination daughter to freshen; buck/doe twins and a gorgeous first udder; both sold. $400 $300
Dragonfly IH Verdandi Avatar 10/3/12 2/23/13 Twink's Pixie linebreeding. Polled kids possible; buck/doe twins, doe retained. $400 $100
Rosasharn SP Honey Creeper Ranger 10/5/12 2/27/13 A very exciting cross of a son of our gorgeous Electra by Halifax with a daughter of Buckwheat Honey (LA 91 EEEE), a National CH (AGS, 2007) and Reserve National CH (ADGA, 2010). Quads, three live bucks (all sold) and a doe, stillborn. $500 $100
NC PromisedLand LD PussyWillow *D CH Tuan 10/18/12 3/15/13 Outcross; beautiful single doeling, retained. Willow has one of the nicest udders in the herd, and her daughters so far have followed her lead nicely. $600 $350
Dragonfly HFX Yggdrasill (Egghead) Ranger 10/24/12 3/16/13 Halifax line breeding; single doe, retained. $500 $350
Dragonfly USH Aria Holy Bull 10/24/12 3/16/13 Wild outcross! Holy Bull is our newest herdsire, a son of the last Flat Rocks Surprise son, Flat Rocks Heir Apparent, out of our beloved Diamond Rio's sister, Flat Rocks Holy Cow (Gem x Holy Terror). He represents a close linebreeding on Flat Rocks Surprise. Triplets, two bucks and a doe, all sold. $450 $100
Dragonfly G Chickadee Solaris 10/24/12 3/17/13 Loose line breeding on Baywatch, looking for a bit more height of rear udder, buck/doe twins, doe retained, buck sold. $500 $350
ARMCH Flat Rocks Here for the Party *D E Hallelujah 10/24/12 3/21/13 Repeat of 2012 breeding that produced 3 gorgeous bucklings; buck/doe twins, doe retained, buck sold $1000 $750
Dragonfly HFX Somali Hallelujah 10/24/12 3/22/13 Halifax/Twink's Pixie double line breeding, polled kids possible; triplets, two bucks and a doe, all kids spoken for. $500 $400
CH Flat Rocks Charybdis *D AR Ranger 10/30/12 3/24/13 Loose line breeding on Twink's Pixie, plus Raising Arizona and Surprise; twin bucks, both spoken for. $750 $600
Dragonfly RY Topaz Hallelujah 11/6/12 3/29/13 My National Champion and my current favorite herdsire...just seemed like the thing to do; polled kids possible; triplets, 2 does and a buck, all kids spoken for. $1200 $900
Doe-Sy-Doe's Tiger's L'ily *D AR Poseidon 11/3/12 4/1/13 Arizona Twink's Pixie cross; single buck, retained $750 $600
Dragonfly HFX Kyrie Creek Road Hudson 11/11/12 4/3/13 AI breeding. Hudson is the sire of GCH/ARMCH Buttin'Heads Wedding Song *M/3*D. Buck/doe twins, doe retained, buck available. Rare opportunity to obtain these genetics--buck sale pending $1000 $750
Dragonfly AP Chloris Halcyon 11/12/12 4/5/13 Very interesting Arizona line breeding going back to both Tom Thumb and Halifax; triplets, 2 bucks and a doe, bucks sold. $450 $100
Flat Rocks Ella Enchanted Hallelujah 11/14/12 4/8/13 Still trying to find the man to level that rump; triplets, two bucks and a doe, doe retained, bucks sale pending. $600 $450
Dragonfly HFX Sorcha Calgary 11/14/12 4/10/13 Calgary is (Halifax x Daffodil), littermate to Demeter; double Halifax breeding; twin does, boh sold $450 $350
Dragonfly RY Lucy Ranger 11/15/12 4/11/13 Lucy may be available for sale after kidding; please inquire. Ranger should compliment Lucy's gorgeous udder with a longer bone pattern and a bit more style. Triplets, two bucks and a doe, all sold $500 $400
Dragonfly MX Ariane Hallelujah 11/14/12 4/12/13 Repeat of a breeding that produced gorgeous kids; single buck, sale pending. $600 $450
Dragonfly HFX Electrum Poseidon 11/14/12 4/12/13 Looking for a little bit more stretch and capacity--quads, 2 and 2, one doe stillborn, none available $450 $350
Dragonfly Mantis' Cricket Holy Bull 11/22/12 4/20/13 A tall girl to a little guy...gorgeous twin does, one sold, one retained. $500 $400
Dragonfly HFX  Storm Chaser CH Sirius Black 11/24/12 4/20/13 Halifax daughter, Calliope granddaughter bred to my current favorite buck--loose linebreeding on Raising Arizona; twin bucks, sold. $400 $100
Dragonfly HLJ Inana CH Sirius Black 12/2/12 4/29/13 Dairy character breeding; loose linebreeding on Raising Arizona; buck/doe twins, buck sold, doe retained. $500 $400
Dragonfly HFX  Ishtar Ranger 12/2/12 4/30/13 Double Halifax breeding; triplets, two does and a buck, all sold $400 $300
Rosasharn BB Magpie Holy Bull 12/13/12 5/7/13 Single bottle fed buckling, sold $500 $100
Dragonfly HFX Abyssinian Holy Bull 12/13/12 5/10/13 Outcross; quads, two bucks and two does, one doe retained, others sold. One of these bucklings is among the nicest looking kids I have produced to date. $600 $450
Algedi Farm SHH Apogee Holy Bull 12/14/12 5/11/13 Outcross; triplets, two bucks and a doe $500 $300
Dragonfly H Selene Holy Bull 12/16/12 5/11/13 Outcross--Selene has a lovely udder; single doeling, available $400 $250
Dragonfly HT Titania Holy Bull 12/18/12 5/11/13 Flat Rocks line breeding; buck/doe twins, pet quality doe available, buckling sold. $300 $100
Dragonfly HFX Cassiopeia Hallelujah 12/18/12 5/12/13 Polled buckling, sold $500 $250
SM3Pines JurEn's Snowbird Holy Bull 12/13/12 5/12/13 Outcross--Flat Rocks finest to our lovely Jurassic daughter. Buck/doe twins, doe retained, buck sold $500 $350
Dragonfly HLJ Caracara Holy Bull 12/13/12 5/13/13 Twink's Pixie/Flat Rocks cross; triplets, 2 bucks and a doe, sold $450 $100
Dragonfly AV Shakti Hallelujah 12/18/12 5/13/13 Twink's Pixie line breeding. Gorgeous single buck, gorgeous first udder; so far Avatar is batting 100% $400 $250
Dragonfly T Galaxy Holy Bull 12/13/12 5/14/13 Flat Rocks line breeding; single doeling, sold. $400 TBD
Dragonfly Leprechaun's Ceili Holy Bull 12/19/12 5/17/13 Pure Flat Rocks breeding; triplets, two bucks and a doe $500 $300
Doe-Sy-Doe SW Daffodil *D AR Mighty King Asa 12/23/12 5/20/13 Outcross, Arizona to Twin Creeks lines; twin bucks $500 $300
Flat Rocks Tiger's Eye Rebel 12/23/12 5/23/13 Repeat of the breeding that produced Topaz; twin does, one retained, one sold. $600 $400
Dragonfly IH Paloma Rebel 1/10/13 5/27/13 Single doe, sold $400 TBD
Dragonfly TA Callisto Rebel 12/18/12 5/27/13 Stretch and capacity; twin bucks, sold $450 $350
Dragonfly IH Jubilation Rebel 12/18/12 5/28/13 Triplets, 2 bucks and a doe, 1 buck available $400 TBD
Dragonfly B Dido Avatar 12/25/12 6/19/13

Twink's Pixie line breeding; single buckling sold

$500 $400
Dragonfly IH Amber Avatar 1/29/13 6/20/13 Twink's Pixie linebreeding; gorgeous single doe retained $400 TBD
Dragonfly IH Maeve Avatar 12/25/12 6/23/13

Twink's Pixie line breeding; twin bucks sold

$400 TBD
Buttin' Heads Tempal Gate Nikola Tesla Pen bred 6/26/13

Buck/doe twins

$400 TBD
Dragonfly HFX Aurum Avatar 12/25/12 6/29/13 Twink's Pixie/Gem/Halifax cross; triplets, two bucks and a doe, all spoken for $500 $400
Dragonfly ARG Babylon Nikola Tesla Pen bred 6/30/13

Double line breeding on Electra and Party; twin does, sold

$500 $350
Flat Rocks Galena *D Avatar 2/12/12 7/7/13 Twink's Pixie/Gem cross; buck/doe twins, stunning buck sold, doe retained $500 $350
Dragonfly HFX Demeter Avatar 2/12/12 7/7/13 Outcross, Arizona to Twin Creeks lines; buck/doe twins $450 $350
Sunnydale Farm Z Cinnamon Nikola Tesla Pen bred 7/11/13 Single doeling $350 TBD
Dragonfly R Bombay Nikola Tesla Pen bred 7/16/13 Single doeling $350 TBD
Dragonfly AV Cirrus Holy Bull 2/24/13 7/22/13 Twin Creeks/Flat Rocks cross. Has worked great before. Single buckling $400 $250
Dragonfly IH Peregrine Mighty King Asa 4/15/13 9/11/13 Buck/doe twins, doe retained, buck sold. $600 $450


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