Twin Creeks WB Summer Blonde
updated 10/13/10
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 June, 2004

DOB 6/25/02
LA 2009 VVVV 85

I was able to purchase this doe as a yearling from Twin Creeks because her feet and legs did not meet Kellye's standards for a show goat. She was advertised as a potential outstanding brood doe, and that she definitely is. She has faults, notably the smallest, hardest to milk teats I have ever encountered, a fault she does not seem to pass on, but despite that I personally believe that she herself is a beautiful doe in many ways. However, it is in the role of a doe who produces truly outstanding offspring that outshine their dam that she is a gem beyond price. The value of a great brood doe is not always recognized, and that proved true in this case. After she gave me a total of three daughters, one as a kid back, I felt Summer had done all she needed to do here (and I did not yet have a milking machine!), and so I sold her to a wonderful home. Her oldest daughter is our homebred finished champion, Dierdre, and her next oldest daughter, Electra, may be the best doe I have yet bred. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to buy her back when her new home herd was dispersed. She is sweet, beautiful and a wonderful mother, and she will never leave here again. Welcome back, Summer!

Show record: 1 x 1st

Kidding record: 2004, twin bucks by Apocalypse Now (our very last kids by the old man, sadly both wethered); 2005, single doe by Giacomo (see CH Dierdre); 2006, triplets by Hunk (see Electra); 2007, twin does (Day by Day herd name; see Aileen); 2010, triplets by Buccaneer (Day by Day herd name)

April, 2004
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Yearlings Junior Does Kidding Schedule Herdbook  New Arrivals