SG Twin Creeks AH Chiaroscuro 3*D E 91.0 AR
updated 12/8/14
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June, 2009
DOB 1/5/04
LA 2009 VEEE 90

(Left photo by Lorene Toth) First of all, I have to say that I am incredibly pleased with this doe. She is the intriguing combination of a grandson of two of Flat Rock Farm's finest sons (Gem and Flash) with an absolutely stunning line bred daughter of Twink's Pixie. Her sister, Drama Queen, was retained by their breeder, Kellye Bussey, at TX Twincreeks. Her sire was the 2004 NDGA National Grand Champion Senior Buck, among other accomplishments. Chiara did very well for us in the show ring as a Junior in 2004. She has an exceptional "rear view" which filled with a pretty nice first udder, but due to an early case of mastitis, she did not make it into the show ring in 2006. In 2007 she freshened with an absolutely gorgeous udder, with greatly increased capacity and a beautiful set of attachments. I know for certain that this udder just does not move at all when the doe is in motion, because I watch it sit there in all its vast immobile perfection every day as I chase her around the pen when it is time for her to be milked. Fortunately, once you have her she is a dream to milk. Chiara managed to earn her AR on butterfat in only 112 days, though she remained in milk long enough to earn it on milk pounds as well. Chiara's firstborn son, Dragonfly IH Orbit, is a successful herd sire. Apparently Chiara iinvisible in the show ring this year, despite what you see above--in 4 times shown, she has yet to win her class. It mystifies me, but I believe we will keep her all the same. At least our linear appraiser seemed to see her good qualities, and she earned our second Excellent appraisal score.

Show record: 4 x 1st (out of 5 times shown as a junior doe), 1 x GCHJr, 2 x BOB Jr, 3 x 1st, 1 x RGCH (July, 2010, Anna Thompson, Southern VT DGA), 1 x GCH (August, 2010, Franklin County Fair, Lynn Fleming)

Kidding record: 2006, buck/doe twins by Hunk; 2007, triplets, 2 bucks and a doe by Giacomo; 2008, triplets, two bucks and a doe (we lost her) by Lancelot; 2009, twin bucks by Lancelot; 2010, triplets, 2 bucks and a doe (1 surviving buckling) by Halifax.

June, 2009

October, 2007
305 day test data
Age (yrs.months)
Milk, lbs
Fat, lbs
% Fat
Protein, lbs
% protein
High test day, lbs
3.8 (with mastitis)
5.06 215 536 27 5.0 20 3.7 4.9
6.05 142 525 31 5.9 23 4.4 4.6
October, 2007 (Photos by Kieran Dean)



For Sale
Junior Does2
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