ARMCH Dragonfly Calliope *D 'E' 90.0
updated 1/7/14
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Calli at 3 (left), 4 (right) and 5 years of age (below, photo by Lisa O'Connor)
DOB 3/26/01
22.5" at 4 years
LA 2007 VEEV 89

Our first MCH, our first homebred MCH, and our first ARMCH as well!!

Calli, who thinks of herself as a person, comes from a long line of strong characters. I love her for her grace and presence. Her 2003 daughter, Dragonfly M Kestrel, won her junior leg at just under 6 months, her 2005 daughter Thalia won junior legs at both AGS and ADGA shows as a yearling, and her 2006 daughter Atalanta won her junior leg at less than 3 months of age. Her second freshening udder is shown below with 12 hours of milk; 3rd freshening shown above. As a second freshener, Calli milked 4.9 pounds with 5.2% butterfat at 39 days fresh on one day milk test, earning her *D, fourth place in the breed for total pounds of milk, and fifth place for total score for 2004. Her udder just keeps improving, and her barn records peaked at nearly 6 pounds per day on her third lactation (2005). We just can't figure out where she puts it all. She sustains a lactation well; she has won two of her three legs at nearly 6 months fresh. Always the last to be dried off for the year, she is so nice to milk that I don't mind the frosty mornings that would otherwise discourage me. This year she earned her AR title with a nice amount of milk (see table below). For 2007 we bred Calli to Julius, sire of of one of our favorite does ever, ARMCH Fairlea Fleur 3*D E. Calli and Fleur's dam, ARMCH Fairlea Gretchen 2*D E, have similar strengths and weaknesses, so we thought we would see if Julius complements Calli as well as he did Gretchen. We've retained Pandora from this breeding. Calli is a prodigious producer of kids with a high proportion of does; her score so far from 6 kiddings is 19 kids with 12 does. Nice going.

Show record: 3x GCH, 2 x BOB, 2 x Best Udder, 3 x RGChJr, many x 1st place (I lost count), 3 x 1st place Dam and Daughter (2 x with Kestrel and 1 x with Atalanta)

Kidding record: 2003, single doe by Maestro (see Kestrel); 2004, triplets by Maestro, two does and a buck; 2005, quads by Giacomo, two does (see Thalia), two bucks; 2006, triplet does; by Rio (see Atalanta) 2007, quads, by Julius (see Pandora), 3 does (1 stillborn)and a buck; 2008, quads by U'Gene, 1 doe and three bucks; 2010, triplet does (1 stillborn) by Tuan, 1 retained (see Delphi).

305 day test data
Age (yrs.months)
Milk, lbs
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