Hayseed Farm's LD Pollyanna
updated 7/4/10
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DOB 4/25/01

I am a tremendous admirer of Polly's late sire, Lucky. Due to a front leg injury sustained early in her life, she is not really a show doe, but has proven to be a terrific producer of nice kids. Polly has an extremely soft, pliable udder, with some of the best teats in the herd. She nursed a single kid during her first lactation at her previous home, leaving her udder seriously lopsided. With nothing to lose, we experimented with evening it out, with pretty good success, and we've learned some interesting things about the differential effects of dam-raising versus hand-milking on an udder. Third freshening udder photos below. Polly showed much improved capacity and almost no asymmetry that time around--we were very pleased! Her 2005 son by Giacomo, Ajax, is a herd sire in North Carolina.

Kidding record: 2004, single doe by Funny Cide; 2005, twin bucks by Giacomo, 2006, single doe by Hunk, 2007, triplets, two does and a buck by Humnk; 2008, twin bucks by Hunk; 2009, single doe by Hunk, 2010, twin does by Giacomo.

October, 2003 (dry)
305 day test data
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For Sale
Junior Does2
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