Piddlin Acres SC Maestro +S 'E' 90.0
updated 11/10/14
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3/1/01 - 12/30/09

Maestro passed away just before 2009 ended, with his typical grace and poise, apparently from a stroke. I want to thank AnneMarie Keenan for the absolutely terrific, loving home she gave him for his last couple of years, and we all hope he has a great number of little ones running around this spring, as he did his job well right up until the end.

Maestro was a good looking guy, but he was typically not very interested in displaying that for either judges OR photographers. However, he did learn to cooperate in the ring well enough that he was rewarded with seemingly innumerable RGCH awards, though he never reached that elusive GCH; still he is very solid and correct, particularly in the area of feet and legs. He did acquire an injury to his knee while out on lease, which has ended his show ring career permanently, as well as ending our policy of allowing bucks to be out on lease except in very special circumstances.

Maestro arrived here in November, 2002 from Texas; it promptly snowed 8 inches. He was shocked. He recovered enough to produce nine sets of beautiful kids in 2003. He now has five daughters with their Junior GCH legs, two more with RGCH Jr, and multiple daughters, including Dragonfly M Skylark E (90.4), Fairlea Sionead, and Piddlin Acres Shanghai Noon that have GCH legs in milk. He has been very consistent in producing very long bodies, improved toplines, strong briskets, and outstanding feet and legs. His daughter out of Far N Best Suzuki *D VG, Piddlin Acres Shanghai Noon, won RGCH Jr. doe at the 2003 AGS National pre-show, and needs only one more leg to finish her MCH. Maestro has improved foreudder extension and height and width of rear udder in his first daughters to freshen here. He recently acquired his +S designation, earned by having 3 daughters who have received their *D desgnations. We have also retained his daughter Dragonfly M Kestrel VG, who is an outstanding brood doe, consistently producing daughters with her strong general appearance and dairy character but with better udders than her own.

We have reluctantly let Maestro move to another herd, where he will still be king of the buck pen but will have adoring does (mostly) all to himself. I honestly was very sad to see him go; I don't sell adults lightly, and I was very fond of him! Thanks AnnMarie for giving him a wonderful new home; I will miss him.

extended pedigree

Show record: 6 x 1st, 5 x RGCh Buck

Maestro in 2002--this was the picture that made me decide to buy him. (Photo courtesy of Piddlin Acres)
2003--more typical of his show day attitude
Maestro in October, 2003--in full blown, beard flyin', butt tuckin', how dare you mess with my august self pique!
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